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User Experience / User Interface

We offer the design of user interfaces and user experience for your applications to increase users satisfaction and conversion. We can make UX tests using representatives of your target.

Software Development

Creating ready-made solutions is the most important scope of our activity. We cover all stages of software development from defining the requirements, through the design process to proper programming and testing of the new product. If you wish to focus on a selected part of the project on your own , we can assist and take care of the other stages with pleasure. Thanks to that you can optimise the cost of the entire enterprise and your product will meet the highest standards.

Project Management

We offer support with project management. We deliver defined processes and tools for your development team so that your project managamement can be more cost efficient and to enable the programmers to focus on the things they like most.

solutions for your business

Consulting IT

We share our knowledge and experience on business development, project management, software development processes, soft skills, application designing and many others. Just say what kind of knowledge you need and we'll match the training scope for you.

Team Development

Are you looking for a programmer? Do you need anybody with unusual skills or a person with a great potential for development? Our more than ten-years activity on the Szczecin and surrounding area market resulted not only in gaining experience in recruitment but an extensive base of employees, too. Say how you would like to develop your team and we'll help you to find the right people.

Software Testing

In today's world of software development testing is a complicated and often neglected process. Building on the experience of projects for industries where tests are highly important (for example automotive industry), we'll help you to find a golden mean between achieved quality and the cost of testing. We offer a full range of services, from your process audit and test management consulting, through requirements analysis, tests development, to the actual testing stage.


Better IT Solutions provids advanced IT services from advice through building web and mobile applications of different complexity to complete solutions.

We have passion, experience and approach to work based on partnership. We really appreciate efficient cooperation which leads to satisfaction, improvement, development and successs of both sides.

Our greatest strenghts are:

  • in-depth and constatly updated IT knowledge
  • management software development, methodologies and processes knowledge supported by years of experience
  • extensive contacts in the IT field, both in the sphere of small local businesses and foreign corporations
  • caring about UX issues in the sphere of web and mobile and detailed knowledge of mobile designing requirements
  • 10 years activity on the market

We individually plan each solution which is tailored to the needs of our clients by offering the best technology meeting their business purpose.


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Our Work

System for diet centre

Innovative diet system, adjusting meal plan to the patient's nutrition needs complemented by 3D technology.


FitLineFood Web Application

The application suggests which diet will be the most suitable on the basis of collected patient's data, calculates the nutritional value, allows to preview what the patient eats every day, shows the changes in the patient's appearance.

Skills used in the project

  • Back-end development
  • PHP
  • Data migration
  • RESTful
  • Drupal module development
  • Drupal web application development

FitLineFood Mobile Application

The application helps the patient to acquire healthy eating habits and choose right food products.

The main functions of the application

  • Diet plan
  • Meal times
  • Meals replacement
  • Food product replacement
  • Adding meals to favorites
  • Meal history
  • A reminder of meals


  • Solarium control software with an electronic system.
  • Website for real estate offices.
  • Web application to analyze the efficiency of the production department workers for „Stargum” Jan Stankiewicz company.
  • Web application to manage the architect design office for „Biuro Projektów Przestrzeń” Prabuccy company.
  • Automotive adds website.
  • Comprehensive car dealer software.
  • Dozens of advanced websites with CMS (Content Management System).
  • We provided for:
    • Commune Office of Suchań
    • Veolia Water Technologies Sp. z o.o.
    • Grupa Azoty Zakłady Chemiczne Police S.A.

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